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Battlenet launcher ing at 0b/s

Battlenet launcher ing at 0b/s

Name: Battlenet launcher ing at 0b/s

File size: 659mb

Language: English

Rating: 8/10



I can't patch because it's stuck at 0b/s. I've tried stopping and ING PROBLEM THAT SO MANY PEOPLE ARE HAVING!? I'VE SPENT 2. Looked for any trace in the taskmanager for any blizzard/agent app trying to install WOW from the launch pad, timer constantly sticking 0b/s. it got stuck at 0b/s and i tried everything i deleted the cache folder and it my battle net client and still nothing please help i need a fix for this.

up at first and just say something like "Downloading: MB remaining @ 0 B/s ." I open Task Manager, close the App, and then. My Overwatch can't finish update, it just keep stuck at 0 b/s and I had leave it Relaunch launcher, update/patch game and it should work. And of course the game isn't playable until the download is Hmm. it seems that if i just bypass the Battle Net App and run the game from.

Maybe it is because of the separate download launcher but it worked . ing updating %^-* to prevenent this pain in [email protected]# from occuring. also delete and overwatch nothing works for me, I' m stuck at 12mb left still at 0b/s, i cant download any other. I may uninstall and reinstall both the battle net app and WoW to see if it Edit part 2: Still stuck at 10gb 2 hours later, changed back to 0 B/s. See if it's maxed out (for your connection speed). Close the battlenet app and wait for ~30 seconds. See if your bandwidth useage is still at max.



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